Romanian Desserts: Traditional Cakes, Sweets And Pastries

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Romanian desserts are not overly sweet, but delicious and diversified. They are cooked in Romanian households on almost daily basis because we really like to eat, and eat well. 🙂

Here you will find a list of desserts that I’m cooking regularly and I hope to inspire you to try and enjoy some of them as much as I do.

*This list will be improved as I am adding more recipes on this cooking blog.

Traditional Romanian Desserts


1. Cozonac (Romanian Walnut Sweet Bread)

A must have on Romanian tables in every Easter and Christmas holiday celebration.

This traditional sweet bread / roll has such intense nutty, rum and chocolate flavor that everybody falls in love once it gets a taste of it.

romanian walnut roll sweet bread
Romanian Cozonac Easter & Christmas sweet bread


2. Clatite (Crepes)

These simple french crepes style deserts were adopted by Romanian cuisine.

They are so easy to make and can be filled with just about everything. I like Nutella, blueberry or sour cherry jam to fill mine.

Can be made with milk or sparkling water.

easy dessert crepes with blueberry jam


3. Negresa (Romanian Chocolate Cake)

Romanian style brownies. They are not chewy and not overly sweet either.

A simple chocolate rich dessert baked often in festive holidays, birthdays and get together events.


4. Salam De Biscuiti (Romanian Chocolate Biscuit Salami)

It’s a childhood dessert recipe, cooked especially because is cheap and so easy to make.

Very versatile and can be easily be made vegan.

chocolate salami (salame de chocolate)
delicious chocolate salami


5. Chec (Romanian Loaf Cake)

Loaf cakes are among the easiest desserts baked by Romanians all the time.

With or without chocolate, with fruits and / or nuts, all possible combinations are cooked especially for week-end sweet moments.

chocolate marble loaf cake
slice your marble loaf cake


6. Orez Cu Lapte (Romanian Rice Pudding)

Another childhood dessert, enjoyed at any age.

Hearty, delicious rice pudding. Easy to make and totally comforting and full of flavor.

creamy rice pudding


7. Placinta Cu Dovleac (Romanian Pumpkin Pie Squares)

One of many Romanian style pumpkin pie recipes. Delicious layers of shortbread pastry filled with cinnamon flavored fresh pumpkin.

Can be made with apple filling and will become a delicious apple pie.

romanian pumpkin squares bars
Romanian pumpkin squares / bars


Stay tuned for more traditional Romanian desserts that will appear here the blog and complete this list, as I’ll be cooking them.

I strongly recommend to try some of them and let me know how you liked them.


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