Hello and welcome to this site!

I’m Mar, a girl who likes cooking as much as she likes to eat. And I mean really like food, kind of gourmand type. Especially food that’s home cooked, with my own hands to reach my desired personal taste.

This is a site I’ve put together to share my passion for cooking and also to share with you some of the most tasteful traditional Romanian dishes. Exactly as my grandma used to cook them and which I literally devoured growing up. But lots of other delicious recipes that I enjoy eating every time.

Here you will find made from scratch recipes for the entire family. Cooking time must be a relaxing time, filled with love and joy so all these feelings (energy) are transmitted to your loved ones or anybody that is going to eat your food. That way the nourishment is complete.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee. Read, relax, bookmark this site and visit from time to time. I really recommend trying some of the recipes and if you liked them, come back and leave a comment. I’d love to know how you liked them.

And please, use good quality food anytime you can. It’s important.

Taste life for its full deliciousness!…

Blessings and… enjoy!