How To Tenderize Steak With Salt (or Any Meat)

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Wondering how to how to tenderize your steak with salt? Pork chops or any meat for that matter?…

Wet brine is the best method. Period.

A wet brine means soaking your meat / steak in saltwater solution for several hours or even over night. As simple as that.

tenderizing steak with salt
tenderizing steak with salt

I was sick and tired to chew up tough meat, either steaks or stir fried.

And even if I prefer tender cuts of meat like pork blade roast, tenderloin or loin, I often cook different pork chops and shoulder cuts.

I usually sprinkled them with salt to tender before grilling or cooking them in the oven, but often most of the cuts still remained somehow tough.

Until pretty recently, when I found out about the wet brine method used to tenderize meat. Tried it, and wow!…

Why didn’t I knew about it before??!


🥩 How To Tenderize Steak / Pork Chops With Salt

Let me tell you, after I read about this method, I use it every-time to tender my steaks, or any meat I want to fully enjoy.

I mean, really that’s the right way to enjoy your juicy, tender piece of meat until the last bite.

And, It’s easy to do.

Step 1. Prepare your meat / steak

Brig your meat / steak to the counter and search for an appropriated sized plastic recipient or bawl to use for the brine.

I usually place the uncut meat into the salted solution, but If you have already cut pork chops or other pieces, is fine too.

how to tender steak
how to tender steak

Step 2. Prepare salt and water

The salted water proportions are as follows: for every cup of cold water, add 1 full teaspoon of fine salt.

So, transfer your meat into the recipient and see how much water it takes to cover it well.

how to tender steak meat with salt
how to tender steak / meat with salt

My plastic recipient took just one cup of water. I then added 1 tsp of salt and placed the lid on top. If more water is needed, adjust the salt quantity.

Sometimes I like to flavor the brine with sliced garlic cloves, thyme, bay leaves.

tenderizing meat with salt
tenderizing meat with salt

Step 3. Cover and let it rest in the fridge

I shake it a little bit to better dissolve the salt and place the recipient in the refrigerator for several hours.

Sometimes I let it stay over night.

Later on that night, I put the meat on the grill. 😀


Grilling The Tenderized Meat / Steak

When you are ready to cook your meat / steak just take it out of the brine, give it a quick rinse and pet it dry very well. Slice the steak if the meat is in one piece.

Place it on the heated grill and let it cook several minutes on each side. Don’t overcook it to maintain its juicy moisture!

how to tender pork steak or chops
how to tender pork steak / chops

Enjoy your tender steak!

I know I am. 🙂

*Please share this tip with your steak lover friends!


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